CJMML Championship Cup

The CJMML Cup is awarded to the winner of a 9-game Championship series between the CJPL and CJIL World Series Champions.


Cracker Jack
Phoenix League
Cracker Jack
Independent League
Cincinnati Benchmarks
2013 League Champs
Scottsdale Cobras
Manager-Dave Tentler
Manager-Aaron Kurasch
CJMML_10 Champs-CJIL
Palos Hills Pit Vipers
Manager- Glenn Pressy
CJMML_11 Champs-CJPL
Chicago Monarchs
Manager- Glenn Pressy
CJMML_12 Champs-CJPL
San Quentin Shanks
Manager- Jerry Anderson
CJMML_13 Champs-CJIL
Scottsdale Cobras
Manager- Aaron Kurasch