CJIL league rules


Primary Rule for members of GBC is the Golden Rule
Treating everyone with respect


The CJIL is a centralized keeper league.
Diamond Mind Baseball is used by the commissioner to simulate organizational games.
CJIL uses DMB Version 10.

The CJIL is made up of 20 organizations consisting of a Major League Team each with a Minor League Roster.

The Major League Organization is composed of 2 leagues each with 3 divisions.

These leagues will have a 2-round league championship series between division champions and 1 Wild Card team, the winners then meeting in the CJILWorld Series. LCS and World Series will be best of 7 games.

The top 2 non-divisional championship teams in each league will meet in a play-off to become the league's Wild Card team. This will be best of 5 games.

Team Rosters

Major League Team rosters will be 42 players maximum. Only 25 players may be active until September 1st when rosters can be expanded to 40.

During the regular season Teams must carry 5 pitchers rated at SP and 2 players rated at Catcher, with the exception of short term injury situations.

Each organization will have a roster of minor league players. There are no limits to MiL players that can be on roster as long as they have unexpired contracts.

From the end of a season until deadlines for next, roster size of ML & MiL rosters are not limited.

Teams will draft 3 players from players selected in the Major League First Year Player Draft. CJIL teams take the same chances as major league teams in that if players selected do not sign with their major league teams, CJIL teams rights are voided as well. This draft will be held in late June or July. Players drafted will be signed to 5 Year Option Contracts.

Following the end of the real MLB Season, teams will draft 3 minor league players from those players on Minor League rosters in 2014 who did not reach the Major Leagues in 2014. Players drafted will be signed to Option Contracts of lengths dependent on highest lovel player attained in 2014:

AAA-2 Years
AA- 3 Years
A or lower- 4 years

Minor League Prospects may remain on a team's Minor League Roster until their options expire or until they appear in a ML game and are carded in the latest DMB Season disk and are then placed on the team's ML roster or are released by the team.

Players who are on a team's previous season roster that are not on next season's DMB Season Disk may be protected on a that team's Major League roster as an uncarded playert.

Post Season Rosters:

Post season active rosters will be 25 players. Any player not on a team's 42 man roster as of September 1st, may be eligible for post season play ONLY IF there is an injury to someone already on a post season roster and with the following limitation: pitchers may only sub for pitchers and position players may only sub for position players.

Player Usage:

The league will use DMB V10 playing time limitations to monitor usage levels

Player usage limitations will be set to 150% Combined and 200%Split usage based on PA's & BF's.
Once a player reaches Combined 150% limit they must be farmed for the rest of the regular season but they would then be eligible for post season. Split usage will not require removal from active roster. If a player passes usage during a series or before it is noticed the DMB playing time limits will reduce player's level of play.

Player Position:

Pitchers must be rated as SP to be in starting rotation and as a RP to be inserted there in MP.

Position players may start at any position for which they are rated as well as some extra positions depending on their ratings:
Rated at Catcher can play 1B
Rated at 1B can play corner OF
Rated at 2B can play 1B/SS
Rated at SS can play 2B/3B
Rated at 3B can play SS/1B
Rated at OF can play any OF position
Rated at DH can play 1B

These restrictions may not apply in certain situations such as injuries.
Bear in mind that DMB will impose varied defensive penalties for players playing unrated positions.


Players who are injured for 10 days or more may be placed on the DL for the length of their injuries.


Teams may complete trades at any time during the season until September 1st.
Both Major and Minor League players may be traded.

Major League Draft picks may be traded for players or other picks.
Future Draft picks may be traded limited to one year ahead of current league season

MiL draft picks may not be traded.

Trades are never allowed between teams controlled by the same owner unless it is part of a multi-team trade.

Free Agents:

Free agent claims are filled on first-come, first serve basis.

Free agents claimed after the trade deadline are ineligible for post-season play.


Before the Major League Draft teams must choose 30 players from previous season to protect. This includes any protected uncarded players.


The Major League Draft will be a 12 round draft held after the release of the season disk by Diamond Mind. The first ten rounds of draft will be drafted by managers. The last 2 rounds will be auto-drafted or managers may submit a list of players or a general instructions (such as SS with most PA).

The First Year Player Draft will be held in Summer following the real Major League First Year Player Draft

The Minor League Draft will be held in the fall using as a draft pool players would were on minor league team rosters that year but did not reach Majors. Teams will draft the number of players needed to reach MiL roster limit.


Game Errors:

Any errors in game play resulting from mistakes in manager MP's or an error by the commissioner or some game bug will stand as recorded .
No games will be replayed