CJSL Expansion Process

CJSL will expand by 2 teams in 1962


a. Incumbent 16 teams may initially protect a maximum of 16 players prior to the beginning of the expansion draft. A list of the incumbent team’s unprotected players will be maintained by the Commissioner. Protected players may include “Saved Not Carded” players. Any “Saved Not Carded” players left unprotected will not be available for draft until they reappear in a respective future season.

At this point Incumbent Teams have 16 Players, Expansion Teams 0 players


b. In Round 1 of the expansion draft, the two expansion teams will alternately select from the list of available players until each has 8 players - one from each of the incumbent teams' rosters. At the end of Round 1, each incumbent team will be permitted to protect one additional player. No more than one player may be taken from each incumbent team.

Inc Teams-17 players-lost 1, Exp Teams-8 players


c. Round 2 of the expansion draft will then begin and follow the process for Round 1. At the end of Round 2, each incumbent team will be allowed to protect one additional player.

Inc Teams- 18 players-lost 2, Exp Teams-16 players


d. Round 3 will mark the conclusion of the expansion team draft prior to moving to normal draft procedures. Round 3 will continue in the same manner rounds 1 and 2 were conducted with each expansion team picking one player from each incumbent team. At the conclusion of this final round the expansion teams will total 20 players on their rosters.

Only half the incumbents will have to lose players since only 8 players are needed by expansion teams so at this point some Inc Teams are at 19 players-lost 3 and some are still 18-2.
Expansion Teams are at 20


The incumbent teams will then round out their rosters to 20 players by retrieving their choice of personnel from each of their respective unprotected player lists.

e. Upon completion of the expansion draft, the regular Season Draft will take place.


f. Normal draft rules apply, EXCEPTION: In years during which expansion teams are admitted to the league, the incumbent teams with sub-.500 records will draft first, in the order of the draft rules; then the expansion teams will draft; then the remainder of the incumbent teams, in the order of the draft rules)