CJSL Rules

League Set Up:

The league expanded by 2 teams for 1962 season and will expand by 2 more teams in 1969.
Specific descriptions on expansion process are listed on expansion method page.

The CJSL will be an organization of the American and National Leagues,
There will be no-DH. There will be no interleague play.
Winners of the AL and NL will meet in the CJSL World Series.
This is a Centralized League with all games on the Commissioner's computer.

Injuries based on player ratings and weather factors will be enabled.

Players injured for at least 10 days may be put on the DL.

Players must be rated at a position to start a game, the one exception
being that OF's may play any OF position.

The league will use the 1964 eras for coming season.

Teams may use either a 4 or 5 man pitching rotation during the regular season.
If using a 4-man this will be a strict rotation, those using 5 man rotations may
select strict or skip mode.

During the World Series teams may use a 3 man strict rotation or either strict
or skip for 4 or 5 man rotations

Below is a definition and recommendations concerning
the modes from the DMB help pages:

Select Strict mode to have the computer manager use your pitchers in the order they appear in the starting rotation. The computer manager will choose another starting pitcher only if a rotation starter is injured when his turn comes up.

Select Skip to have the computer manager use your pitchers in the order they appear in the starting rotation but skip to the #1 starter when one or more off-days have left him rested enough to start before his turn. The computer manager will choose another starting pitcher only if a rotation starter is injured when his turn comes up.

The Strict option is usually best for DMB leagues that are using newly-drafted rosters

Player Usage

Player usage will be 150% of the combined total usage (PA's/IP's) and in the case of 2004 batters also 200% of that players usage vs. left or right handed pitchers.


Rosters must be set to 25 active players a week before opening day.
After September 1st the rosters may be expanded up to 34 players.
Teams must carry two players on their active roster who are rated at catcher except where injuries might make this impossible.


Players may be traded after the World Series until September 1st.
These acquired players will carry over to the next season.
Modern Players may only be traded for another modern player.

During season all player trades must be balanced so each team has 40 players on roster. Following the season teams' rosters may vary up until keeper claims for next season.

Draft Pick trades for the next CJSL season are allowed and will be posted on Web Site.
Owners are free to make any agreements involving future draft picks beyond the next season but it is their responsibility to keep track of trades and report them to the commissioner prior to that season's draft. Owners also assume the risk in these unofficial trades that all involved return to league the next season or the agreement will not be honored.

1964 Season

1964 and 2004 DMB Season Disks will be used.

Teams will keep 20 players from their 1963 roster. Any player on a team's roster in 1963 not on the 1964 season disk may be retained taking up a roster spot but will be ineligible to play.
Teams have first chance at one of their team's 1964 rookies (any player debuting on 1964 season disk) but this will count as their 1st round selection in 1964 Draft.

Teams will select 2 Modern Players from all players on the 2004 season disk. These players will be acquired via a 2-round straight draft based on the Teams' CJSL 1963 season finish. These players are not keepers and are carried on roster for the current season only.

There will be a 12 round draft of 1964 players to bring rosters to 34 players. This draft will be a straight draft with each team drafting in the same order each round determined by their CJSL 1963 finish.

Expectations of managers

Managers are expected to treat each other with respect and to:

Monitor their teams injuries and player usages.
Submit the basic lineups vs. left and right hand starting pitchers and a starting pitching rotation.
(All other options and tendencies may be submitted or left to the computer.)
Respond to trade offers from other owners in a timely manner.
Respond to any votes or questions from the Commissioner.