Cracker Jack Winter League
Operating Rules


This League will not have a long list of articles governing play.

This is a game, its supposed to be fun not treated as a matter of life and death.

There is one basic tenet to follow:
Managers must treat everyone with respect and courtesy.
The Original Golden Rule.


That being said, the methods used and such need to be put down just so everyone understands what's going on:

League Set Up

The 2015 Cracker Jack Winter League consists of 28 teams divided up into two individual leagues,
American and National.
The American League will have the DH while the National will not.
There will be no interleague play.

Owner's Responsibilities

CJWL owners are responsible for:
1) Good sportsmanship and treating their fellow owners and commissioner with courtesy and respect.
(Profanity, derogatory remarks & personal attacks are not acceptable)
2) Promptly voting on All Star Players or any polls, rule changes, etc. that are proposed by the league commissioner.
3) Submitting the necessary lineups and pitching rotation information to the commissioner.
4) Responding promptly to other owners regarding trade proposals and other communications.
5) Reacting in a timely manner to player injuries and DL list adjustments.
6) Reporting any errors found to the commissioner as promptly as possible.

Teams and Fields

When picking a team, owners will choose a home stadium or field. While having different home fields is encouraged it is not mandatory and with the use of the Historical Stadiums Disk virtually every field used in the 20th and 21st centuries are available. Also a team name is needed, preferably something that sounds reasonably like a team name and nothing offensive is acceptable. Owners may change fields and team names prior to the start of the season.

This is a Keeper League.
Prior to the 201
5 draft, owners will be allowed to keep all 4 Classic Players and 20 modern players from their 2014 team. If an owner has a player on his team that did not have any real life playing time in 2014, it is permissible to keep that player but the player will not be eligible to play this season and will occupy a roster spot.
Complete rosters will consist of four Classic Players and thirty current players for a total of 34 players.
Classic Players will age one year of their care
er each season until the end of their real life careers.

20145 Draft

  The CJWL_14 draft will be 10-round, list/time draft conducted using the Cracker Jack Leagues' Forum. Half a round will be posted each day (Monday-Friday). A team missing their assigned live-pick time may take their pick from available players whenever they are on line. Teams are always encouraged to submit draft lists to the Commissioner.


2015 Season Schedule

The season will start September 15th.
There will be a two week break the weeks of Christmas and New Years.
The game schedule will use summer dates instead of actual dates of play so that the weather effects don't have us playing most of the season in winter weather.
Following the regular season there will be a best of seven Championship Playoff Series in each league.
The World Series will follow, also best of seven.

Game Play

Game errors resulting from computer mistakes or a mistake made by the
commissioner (who is naturally, only human and prone to make them) will stand.

Weather Effects and Injury Ratings will be used.

Regular Season

25 players of the 34 man roster may be active at one time.
On September 1st the active rosters may be expanded to 34 players till the end of the season.

Each team must have at least 5 Starting Pitchers and 2 Catchers on the
regular season active roster except for situations involving short term injuries.

Pitching rotations during the regular season will be 5 man- strict.

Two 3 game series will be played per week in the regular season.

Managers may elect to play their home games vs. computer or H2H vs. the visiting manager or have them simmed by commissioner.

Series results are due to Commissioner by noon Eastern Time on Monday & Thursday. The remaining games for each series will be simmed by Commissioner with results posted those nights.

Managers are required to complete the 5 man starting rotation part. Managers must also provide a lineup vs. left handed and right handed starting pitching. Roster and lineup changes may be done at any time during the week and will be in effect for the next scheduled 3-game series.

Set-up pitchers and closers plus play options involving decisions on, bunting, defensive alignments, stealing,
etc. may also be selected or the decisions can be left to the computer. If the same five man rotation and both
lineups are continued and no change in other selections are desired, no update is necessary.

Post Season Play

Playoff and World Series Rosters will revert to 25 active players
Playoff teams must have 4 SP and 2 catchers.

All post season games will be simmed by the Commissioner unless both managers agree to play H2H


Players injured for 10 or more games may be placed on the disabled list for the length of their injuries and another player promoted to the active roster for that period. It is each managers responsibility to make this decision and make appropriate changes to the Manager Profile if necessary.

Current injuries will be posted on the League Site after each series of games.


Player Eligibility

Classic Players and 2013 players will have their playing time limited according to their actual stats for the year.

Batter Eligibility: Batters will be limited to a Combined Usage of 150% of their Real Life Season Usage and 200% vs LHP/RHP.
Batters reaching
usage limits must be farmed.

Starting Lineups:

A batter must be rated by Diamond Mind Baseball in order to start at a position, except in an emergency where no other lineup combination is available--then DMB will automatically assign a player to a position.
Note: in these situations and in situations where DMB rests a player, such as a catcher, or uses a utility player, DMB may modify your batting order.(If you do not rest your catcher after 9 games, DMB will automatically do it.)

This league allows outfielders to play any OF position .
DMB will assign ratings to unrated players when the games are played.

Pitcher Eligibility: Pitchers will be limited to 150% of their Real Life Season Usage.

Starting Pitchers:
Except in situations resulting from injuries, a pitcher must be rated as a starting pitcher to be used as one.

Relief Pitchers
Except in situtions resulting from injuries, a pitcher must have a relief rating to be inserted in that role in the manager profile.

Once usage has been surpassed, players must be sent to the reserves (farmed) until the end of the regular season. Overused players will be eligible to be activated for the playoffs.
It is the managers responsibility to monitor their own players

Free Agents

Free Agents claims will be honored on a first come first serve basis.


Players may be traded between any owned teams after the end of the World Series until the start of the next season's draft and then after the completion of the draft thru September 1st.

The only exception would be that trading is never allowed between teams owned by the same person.
Classic Players may be traded but only for or in a multi-player deal involving another Classic Player (no team may have more or lesss than 4 Classic Players). All trades during regular season must result in each team having a roster of 30 with 4 CP's.
Trades are official only after they have been approved and processed by the commissioner.

Draft Pick Trades

Future Draft Picks for only the next season may be traded.